I took my first photographs in my early childhood on the schoolyard at the age of eight.
Through my teen-years I learned the workings of my first Canon 35mm camera, photographing in black and white and producing prints in the darkroom after school.

In my final school years I had started to play the guitar and dj but also made a decision to follow on a path of photography at college.

Leaving school I received an award as the school photographer following a busy year on the rugby pitch sidelines of a successful school team, with my first press pass.

At seventeen, I developed a new and growing interest in audio-visual with the introduction of photography and film history in my first year in college.

In 1997 I experienced my first trip to the ‘Big Apple’ where the Twin Towers of the New York skyline were now visible through my lens for the first time. The camera bag contained four rolls of black and white to capture ‘New York’ on its first impression.
Some of these images of the Twin Towers I captured would later be more significant than I imagined.

On return to Ireland it was time for protest as my College had went bankrupt overnight while I was away, with nothing but hundreds of angry media students who had lost all their fees and an education, with no government assistance.

I completed the course in the Griffith College facilities later that year and spent almost two years working at one of Ireland’s largest professional photographic labs and this is where I was during the 911 attacks.

In the following years I gained work experience in community, local, national, international and satellite radio while also gaining experience as a television camera assistant on live television broadcasts.

Also, I studied ‘multimedia computers, ‘sound engineering’, ‘direction, production & presentation’ and returned to Griffith college in 2002 to study ‘television & video production’.

With the National Boxing arena next to the college it wasn’t long before I was photographing the boxers who later went on to claim Olympic and world titles (Bernard Dunne, Andy Lee, and the late Darren Sutherland).

I was photographer in the Dublin 2003 Official St.Patrick’s Day Festival Committee.
That summer I succeeded in an internship at a Television Company in New York, while doing some part-time photography for a VIPs nightclub and camera assisting on short films in Manhattan.

On returning to Ireland I went back to my trusty 35mm SLR for a while and produced some prints for the People’s Photography Exhibition on Stephens Green.
Having never attended a wedding, I made my first attempt at photographing a wedding for a friend.

Living in Dublin, I took an interview for a position at a cutting edge portrait studio.

In the summer of 2005, I returned to the USA where I spent most of my time in Santa Barbara photographing the fruit markets, skaters, dogs and general life while doing some work at some Santa Barbara weddings. Before my visit ended, myself and a friend drove from the San Francisco to New York documenting the drive.

Back in Ireland I now returned to my hometown of Newbridge where I took up a position at a local photographic portrait studio.

In 2006, I began shooting weddings more frequently and converted a room into a studio for photographing family portraits, actors and models portfolios, fashion and commercial products, while also working as the photographer for the Kildare Post.

In 2007 I left the Kildare Post as my studio work, press & PR and photojournalism work grew to a more national level.

Now, I have designed and built a large photographic studio in the country with changing room, a reception area and parking which is open and welcomes all.

Looking forward to seeing you through the lens!